Purple Ombre Ideas & Style Guide: Which Trending Style Will You Choose?

Unnatural hair colors are a serious trend, with purple hair color leading the way. Why the color purple? Purple represents nobility, royalty, power, luxury, and ambition. The color purple means a lot to me personally because it was always my grandma’s favorite color. There are so many shades of purple that you will inevitably find a tone that looks amazing on you. Plus, purple hair will make you stand out.

What about an ombre? An ombre is an effect where a light color transitions to a dark color. The effect is very beautiful, especially when the color purple is used. Not sure which purple ombre look you want? I found some looks on Instagram I love! Here are my purple ombre ideas & style guide!

Bottom line up front: The purple ombre dreads are my favorite. I know dreads aren’t for everyone, so I suggest looking through these different looks.

Tips to Maintain a Purple Ombre

Before discussing these styles, I want to recommend some tips to maintain your purple ombre. The key is to avoid washing your hair for as long as possible. This is the main thing that my colorist advises.

Water rinses the dye out quicker than anything. Since most purple dyes are semi-permanent, these colors will fade after a few washes. You can prolong your purple ombre by refraining from washing it.

In-between shampoos, use dry shampoo and dry conditioner. There are also volumizing sprays that can perk up your lifeless hair. Make sure all products are safe for color-treated hair.

When you do wash your hair, use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. If you can, wash your hair in cold water. If that’s not an option, don’t wash your hair in temperatures hotter than lukewarm. The hotter the water, the more your cuticles will open and will release more hair dye.

How I Selected These Looks

First things first, I tried to find dyes that you can achieve DIY as well as dyes that are best for a professional colorist. I’m the type who prefers to go to a stylist for my color, but I know there are others who prefer the DIY way. I also considered different purple ombre looks. The classic ombre, reverse ombre, and dip-dye are popular examples.

As I stated, there are so many shades of purple — from lavender to dark magenta. I tried to find different shades of purple ombres to give you various options that match your skin color, undertones, and overall preferences. Hair length and style were also something else I considered. We see most ombres on long hair, though a purple ombre looks chic on short hair.

Natural hair color was something I took very seriously. I have black hair, and achieving the pastel lilac color is near impossible on my hair. That’s why I paid attention to purple colors that would work for natural brunettes, blondes, and even redheads.

While most purple ombre looks are edgy, I believe you can achieve a subtle purple ombre appropriate for office environments. That’s why I took lifestyle into consideration when choosing these options.

My Favorite Purple Ombre Ideas

Are you ready for some purple ombre inspiration? Here are the best purple ombre looks I found on Instagram!

Purple Ombre Dreads


If you want an extravagant purple ombre look, see what @k.v.collective did to her dreads! She dip-dyed her dreads purple, blending the dye with her brown hair. The top of her hair is also purple.

When she wears her hair up, like in the photo, it makes her undercut stand out even more. For the color, she used a combination of violet and dusty purple, giving her ombre enough dimension. This is a super stylish look if you want something more than the traditional purple ombre.

Violet Ombre

One shade of purple you can consider is violet. Violet is a combination of red and blue, making this eye-popping color perfect for all skin colors and undertones. The model here has an ombre that looks heavenly, the violet shade mixing with her natural dark hair flawlessly. And with her natural waves, the style accentuates the intensity of the violet color. Credit: @bri_claire_hair.

Blonde and Purple Ombre

This look proves that blondes can also pull off a purple ombre. The model’s blonde hair is an ash-blonde that first fades to a magenta. The purple shades get darker at the ends of the model’s hair. Because of the complexity of this look, I suggest going to a professional for a similar ombre. Credit: @the_colorchameleon.

Summer Purple Ombre Hair

One of the best aspects of the color purple is it works for all seasons. Take a look at the purple ombre that @lilkittenhime has. The vivid purple works so well for the summertime and blends in with her brown hair so well that it looks like magic.

Purple ombres also work so well for all hair types. While most purple ombres I see have a wavy or curly hairstyle, this model proves that a purple ombre also looks glamorous on straight hair types. Just be sure not to go swimming and wear a hat whenever possible, since water and sunlight fade purple dye faster.

Blue, Pink, and Purple Ombre

I love the different colors that @heyitssamaraa features in her hair. Her ombre is more of a combination of purple with pink and blue. I love how she took a picture of her hair in the sunlight to accentuate the different colors. If you want to go overboard with the purple ombre, I suggest trying a look like this.

Black and Violet Locks

Violet is one of the best hair colors to combine with black hair, as @bleachburn has proved. If you have black hair and want a purple ombre, this is the look that I recommend.

Mulberry Ombre

I love how unique this color is. @by_annahairstyle calls this color lavender/purple, but I think it looks more like a mulberry. Mulberry is a combination of lavender and red, giving this color more of a pink look. If you choose this hair color, you’ll definitely attract some looks!

Lilac Ombre

This is another unique shade of purple! Lilac is a soft shade of purple. For this look, I think@_bleach_please added some copper or gold tints, giving the color a warm tone. Because this color looks unreal, I suggest getting a professional to mix up a custom color for you. You can faintly see it, but the model’s brown hair at the roots blends into the lilac color.

Purple Ombre Curls

If you have textured hair, you can look like the model with an intense purple ombre. I love how there are multiple shades of purple here, starting with a blue-purple and fading to magenta at the ends. Credit: @salonxchangeatx.

Purple and Pink Ombre

If you truly want an artistic pink ombre, consider a look like this. I describe the color at the root as grape purple, a deep amethyst-purple. It transitions to pink toward the ends, resulting in a unique look. If you can see yourself pulling off this bold look, I say go for it! @bishops.charlottemidtown.

Gray and Purple Ombre

Are you the type who grew out your grays? If so, you can still achieve a totally chic ombre. The model has dip-dye purple hair. Depending on the shade of gray you’re working with, you may be able to do this look DIY with no effort. Just apply the purple to the ends of your hair. Credit: @dani_wyse.

Purple Ombre on Long Hair

I love the way that purple ombres look on long hair. With length, you can get even more creative. You can opt for a brown and purple ombre that the model has. You can also add more color to amp up the intensity or choose a more subdued shade of purple. The model also has curls, but there are other styles you can choose from. Credit: @hairapist_.

Lisa Frank Ombre

@itsalltheragehairdesigns called this a “Lisa Frank ombre” and that description is so fitting. It looks like all of the notebooks I had as a kid. This ombre features purple/blue, fuchsia, and red. Because of the complexity, I suggest going to a professional for this look. You’ll also need to have blonde hair, so the vibrancy of these colors stands out.

Amethyst Ombre

I love the amethyst color! Amethyst is a warm-toned shade of purple that includes more red. I also love how the model combines the amethyst color with copper hair since the warm tones complement each color. The only downside is the amethyst color is hard to achieve on its own. If you make the decision to use this color, I suggest mixing different colors or going to a stylist. Credit: trimasalon.

Another Purple and Pink Ombre

Did you love the purple and pink ombre mentioned before but want another option? I’m in love with this look! The model has bright pink on top that fades to purple near the ends.

I suggest trying this look if you want various shades of pink and purple in your ombre. However, I suggest going to a professional for this look or at least getting help from a friend. There are different shades of pink and purple here and combining them can be difficult DIY. Credit: @beautify36o.

Bright Purple Ombre

If you want your ombre to have a more vivid look, I suggest an ombre like this. With the different shades of bright purple and pink, you will never grow bored of your hair. The model here has an ombre/highlight purple ombre variation, so feel free to experiment with your ombre. Credit: @everlastingelegance_.

Purple on Blonde Youth Hair

I love how so many parents are allowing kids to dye their hair funky colors! I wanted to do this when I was younger, and my mom wouldn’t allow it. I see my little cousins do the crazy colors and I love it. If your girl is blonde, like the one pictured here, all you have to do is add the purple dye to her ends. Instead of a semi-permanent color, you can opt for temporary or one-day color.

Purple Ombre Braids

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your braids, choose a look such as the purple ombre. The ombre braids have such a cool effect and look magnificent. I especially love the shade of purple that the model has — the bright purple is perfect for summer! If you want something darker, royal purple would also look beautiful on these braids.


Question: How do I do a DIY Purple Ombre?

Answer: Doing a DIY ombre is pretty complex, and I suggest going to a colorist for the best results. But if you insist on doing a DIY ombre, there are some best practices.
If you haven’t bleached your hair, do so first. Even if you don’t need to bleach your hair, I suggest adding a toner to neutralize the brassiness.
How you apply the dye depends on the effect you want. The easiest ombre is blending one shade of purple with your natural hair color. Just apply the color on the bleached parts, making sure not to miss any bleached parts. Let the dye sit according to packaging instructions and rinse.
For a more intricate ombre with multiple colors, I suggest seeing a colorist.

Question: I Want to Mix More Colors in with my Purple Ombre. What Colors do You Recommend?

Answer: I honestly think purple works with nearly any hair color since it has both cool and warm tones. You can refer to my recommendations for different colors to match purple.

Question: I Like the Lavender Shade of Purple Best. How do I Get that Hair Color?

Answer: The best way to get the lavender hair color (if you can’t find one you like) is to take a light purple and mix it with a white conditioner. The conditioner will dilute the purple tones, resulting in soft lavender. If you have blue dye on hand, I suggest mixing a dot of blue dye to ensure the color stays cool-toned.

Bottom Line

While there are so many trendy purple ombre hair looks, the dreads are my favorite. I’ve always loved dreads. They look so cool and are perfect for those who want a more unique hair look. And with the purple dye, the dreadlocks will be even more eye-catching. With enough skill, you can even dread and dye your hair DIY.

I love how extravagant the model’s hair is, with her undercut and how she added more purple dye to the top of her hair. I also like the combination of dusty purple and violet purple — the two colors are a simple way to add more definition to your hair.

But I’m sure darker shades of purple will look equally amazing. The model has naturally brown hair, though I can also see blondes and even those with black hair pulling off this look.

But I understand that dreads aren’t for everyone. That’s why I suggest looking through all of these ideas to get inspiration.

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