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Collectively the Hair Kempt team has spent thousands of dollars, tried thousands of hair care products, and colored our hair in every shade you can imagine. Our personal collections of products overflow into several rooms of our homes. Now, we’re here to help everyone have great hair days with in-depth tutorials, inspirational ideas, and our fave product reviews and lists!

Doesn’t everyone deserve good hair days? We think so. That’s why we’re here.



Hair Kempt: /hehr/ kem(p)t/: noun/adjective: The term “kempt” means to be well taken care of or to look nice. When your hair looks kempt, it looks lustrous, healthy, and beautiful. We named our website “Hair Kempt” because we are giving you all of the tools and information needed to make your hair look gorgeous and keep it that way right from home!

Here at Hair Kempt, we’re passionate about one thing: hair. As hair styling aficionados and salon experts and owners, our lives revolve around everything and anything that has to do with hair. Plus, we know how frustrating it can be when your hair styling project doesn’t turn out how you anticipated it.

That’s why we’re passionate about making sure all of your hair endeavors, whether they be dying your hair for the first time at home or trying to turn your frizzy mane into luscious locks, turn out to be successful.

And while we can’t sit in your bathroom or bedroom with you while you’re trying to transform your hair, we can certainly provide you with all of the advice you need to ensure your first attempt at doing anything with your hair will be marvelous.

This means our team at Hair Kempt is here to recommend the highest-quality, safest, and most useful products for you to use. Everything we recommend here on our website will not only make your journey of styling or designing your hair easier.

But, we’re also going to give you all the advice and tips you need to avoid a hair-related catastrophe.

We’re a group of real-deal home haircare testers with salon experts keeping us in check. We test, try and spend thousands of dollars on haircare products that we actually stockpile and use in our homes.

Whether you’re stuck inside with pandemic hair and need desperate change, or you’re bored with your current look and can’t afford a trip to the salon, we know the struggle.

Too often they see people overspending on hair care and hair styling products, only to turn out unhappy with their results. Before you start any hair project, make sure to read our posts completely. This way, you can be certain you get all of the right supplies you need before getting started.

No matter what type of hair you have, what color it is, or how long it is, we know how to help you. Our team of experienced salon professionals and hair care experts are here to guide you through all of the styling tips and tricks, product recommendations, and guides that you need to become a hair expert by yourself.

Hair Kempt will help you find the best hair extensions, choose the right type of shampoo for your hair, and help you discover what type of hair you have.

Plus, we’re here to help you decide on the right hairstyle for yourself, learn about the latest trends, and dive in deep into finding the best products to help you fight hair loss. Not to mention, we’re also going to break down how to dye your hair at home and how to find the best products to help you style your hair.

Lastly, our team of experts here at Hair Kempt will also show you can do certain braids, so you don’t feel limited by what you’re able to accomplish with your hair.

No matter how much you know about hair or how much you don’t know about hair, there’s always something that you can learn here at Hair Kempt.

Our biggest goal here is to provide you with valuable information that will transform how you feel about styling your own hair.

We want you to seal the best that you possibly can feel. That’s why we’re dedicated to giving you information on all sorts of hair care questions, challenges, and product recommendations.

How This Works


We believe in accessible haircare and styling options. That means we try to find real products ANYONE can find, use and love in their own homes. While we love the high-end salon options, we realize not everyone has the same budget, but everyone wants to look as good!

As much as possible, we test the styling tools, hair dyes, and creams. We do this to create reviews that are not only honest but completely fair to the product we’re reviewing.

There are too many other websites out there that base the reviews they provide on a glance at the product they’re talking about.

At Hair Kempt, we do things differently. We aren’t basing the reviews we create on a glance. Instead, we’re trying out every single aspect of a product to see what’s good about the item.

Are you reading a review on a hair crimper? We’ve tested the hair crimper out on wet hair, dry hair, long hair, short hair, healthy hair, and damaged hair. Plus, we’ve tested out how the hair crimper performs on strands of hair that don’t contain any product and strands of hair that are loaded up with product.

In addition, we’ll also analyze how safe the hair crimper is. Will you burn your hair while using it? Will it melt any plastic surface you lay it down while you are walking away from the crimper? Is it travel-friendly?

No matter what questions or concerns you have about the items we’re reviewing, we’re here to answer those questions.

We’ve tested our products to their full capabilities to tell their limits, what they’re good for, and what you can expect when using them. That’s what we’re all about here at Hair Kempt. We live and breathe hair.

No matter what article you’re reading, whether it be a roundup, a review, or a comparison, this is how we take the approach to every single piece of content we’re created. We want you, our reader, to be well-informed on everything you do.

That way, you can ensure that your next hair styling adventure is the absolute best that it can be. So, we’re here to ensure you’re only spending your money on high-quality products that are worth every single penny.

Our Hair Kempt Approach to Great Hair Care Content

Do you want to know a little bit more about our review process? Depending on the type of hair product we’re reviewing, we have a different approach to processing. But, here’s how we generally approach each review we write:

  • A hair care product, dye, or tool grabs our attention. Sometimes products are suggested to us, and we’ll purchase the item for review. Please be aware that we don’t ever accept items for free or for an extreme discount provided by the manufacturer. This ensures that we keep all of our reviews completely fair and unbiased.
  • Depending on the type of product we’re reviewing, we ensure that we test it out for an appropriate length of time. For example, we’ll hold off on writing a review about a hairspray until we’ve had the chance to test it in the rain and the humidity.
  • While we’re testing out the item, a daily log will be kept and maintained. In this log, the person reviewing the product in question will jot down all of their personal experiences and opinions while following along with predetermined variables.
  • The person who does all of the research and testing on the product is the same person who will write the article. If the writer needs any help, they’ll receive support from our editorial team. However, the person who tested out the product will provide all of their data, opinions, and experiences inside the article.
  • If there are any questions from our Hair Kempt community, we’ll be sure to update the article later.

Lastly, we want to say one big thing: we adore you! We know how important your hair is to you, and that’s why we’re passionate about helping you achieve your dream hairstyle. No matter what life throws your way, you’re always willing to take another step and face risk by whatever hairdos make you feel confident and you. We’re so grateful you’re here with us at Hair Kempt on your journey to self-discovery.

Accessible Hair Care Advice From Real Hair Care Specialists With Do It At Home Options We’ve Actually Tried And Tested.

Our Core Values

  • Beauty
  • Confidence
  • Style
  • Fun
  • Passion
  • Trustworthiness

We believe everyone deserves good hair days.

Our Team

Haley Parker, Cosmetologist and Hair Trend Spotter

Haley has been a licensed cosmetologist for over 10 years, constantly learning new trends throughout the years. Her days are spent in the hair studio, helping clients shine. She’s passionate about making people feel beautiful and giving them the best styling and maintenance tips to make them feel their best every day.

Why am I giving advice here on Hair Kempt?

I started writing about hair care and hair products because it is what I do. My day job is spent in the salon and I’ve helped hundreds of people find their best hair days. I’ve had so many clients come to me after ‘doing things on their own’, and I love to help. There are so many amazing hair color and hair care products out there, but where do you start, and most importantly, what is best for you? That’s why I’m here to help you decide. Think of me as your personal haircare consultation in every article that I write.

What do you hope to share with the world by writing on Hair Kempt?

My hope is to educate people on what is actually good or bad for your hair. There is so much confusion about doing your own hair, what products do what, and just how the hair works in general. A little bit of knowledge goes a long way when it comes to hair care and coloring.

What got you started on your hair journey?

I actually started highlighting my own hair when I was 13 because I’m a natural redhead and girls that age don’t like red hair. (obviously a huge error) since then, I was coloring and cutting my friends’ hair at home (not well in my current opinion), and that prompted me to go into hair school after I graduated high school.

What’s your biggest hair horror story?

Most of my horror stories are with clients I’ve done, and they’re usually because I didn’t ask enough questions about their hair history or they lied to me about their hair history. What you’ve done to your hair in the past can significantly impact what happens in the present. I think the worst thing that I’ve ever seen was another stylist doing a patch test for bleach on her client who wasn’t sure if her box colors had metallics in it. Sure enough, it did, and that strand of hair quite literally melted off within 10 minutes. Luckily, it was just a tiny hidden patch.

What’s the go-to hair product that you recommend?

I think everyone could use a good leave-in conditioner. The things I look for in mine are that it has a heat protectant, detangler, and protects from environmental factors. I’m using It’s a 10 right now and love it. Make sure you get a leave-in that addresses your specific concerns, like color longevity, damage, frizz, curls, or whatever else you could think of.

Karyl Trejo, Hair Care Perfectionist

Ever since she realized she could change her whole appearance with something as simple as a new haircut or fresh color, Karyl has been expressing herself through her tresses for over a decade now. From flirty blonde hair to gothy black hair — and everything in between — don’t be surprised if she looks completely different the next time you see her. These days, you can find her eagerly discussing the benefits of root smudges and bleach baths with her friends, in between researching new shampoos and conditioners to keep her (now red!) locks shiny and healthy.

What do you hope to share with the world by writing on Hair Kempt?

I followed the CG protocol for a while, so I was no-poo (co-wash) and silicone-free for the longest time and actually know quite a bit about the science behind it.  I’m back on the silicone train for now, but only until I find my new HG.
I also swore off box dyes years ago and went from an awful box red to a natural ashy blonde, so I learned a lot about the process while doing so.  So I know pretty much everything about developers, toners, soap caps, and gently processing hair.  Of course, quarantine did a number on me (didn’t we all get awful Covid hairdos, though?), so I’m back to red now.
In fact, last night I was trying to explain to my husband what I did with my hair and he was mostly lost but did appreciate the end results.  I started with a crushed vitamin c mask to remove the old dye, then mixed a 5rc with a volume 20 on my ends (needed a little bit of lift), then combined a 7a with a 5r in a volume 10 to create a natural-looking root smudge. 🙂
What got you started on your hair journey?
I grew up having long hair, and it was a lot of work to take care of it. So, I learned how to braid my hair as a way to learn how to pass the time and take better care of my hair. I was always complimented on how long and thick my blonde hair was!
What’s your biggest hair horror story?
I went swimming in a pool that just had chlorine dumped in it. When I got out, my hair was green. Thankfully, the tried and true ketchup trick worked.
What’s the go-to hair product that you recommend?
It’s amazing how many people haven’t tried deep conditioning yet. It’ll transform your hair and how unmanageable it can be.

Alizabeth Swain, Fun Fashion Color Specialist

Alizabeth Swain is passionate about self-expression and self-discovery. She’s lived in all the colors of the rainbow both in fashion choices and hair and is a real deal color hair tester. She’s dedicated herself to teaching other people all she can about hairstyling; many people know her because of the wild and bold colors she’s always dying her hair.

What do you hope to share with the world by writing on Hair Kempt?

To not be afraid to make mistakes! I feel like so many people are afraid to experiment with their hair because of its permanency of it. I’m here to tell you to not be afraid; you can always fix your hair! Even if it’s a bad cut, there are so many options out there for you to use to make it better. Don’t be afraid to experiment!
What got you started on your hair journey?

I got so bored with my brown hair. I’ve always dressed in the alternative niche and I loved how so many people had fun colored hair. I didn’t know coloring my hair would lead to such a big part of my self-discovery and how much I love colors!
What’s your biggest hair horror story?

Before I actually knew what I was doing with my hair, I thought blonde hair dye and bleach were the same thing. I used four boxes of blonde hair dye on my hair (I wanted to color it bright red). I RUINED my hair. I ended up having to shave my head.
What’s the go-to hair product that you recommend?

A really good hairbrush! If you have super knotty hair, it’ll be hard to do anything with your hair. A good hair brush doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does have to work for your hair type!

Stephanie Jensen

Stephanie Jensen is a beauty and hair fanatic. Back in her college days, she worked at Sephora. The majority of her time working at Sephora was spent helping customers find the best hair care products for their needs. Her haircare supplies collection has grown so large, she’s run out of space to store it all at her house. She now keeps some of her collection at her boyfriend’s house too.

For Hair Kempt, Stephanie works to review various hair care products. Sometimes, she even offers tutorials. When she isn’t writing for Hair Kempt, she likes shopping around at Sephora, watching beauty tutorials on YouTube, or practicing her skincare routine.

What do you hope to share with the world by writing on Hair Kempt? 

I hope to give people advice so they have healthy hair and a hairstyle/color that they love.
What got you started on your hair journey? 

I dyed my hair for the first time when I was 10 years old! Ever since then, I’ve been hooked!
What’s your biggest hair horror story? 

I don’t have many, fortunately. When I dyed my hair green, the dye stained EVERYWHERE! On my skin, clothes, sheets, towels, and it even stained my work and chair desk!
What’s the go-to hair product that you recommend? 

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