How to Find the Best Blue Hair Dye: 5 Top Picks

Unnatural hair dye is all the rage, and blue hair is one of the biggest trends. I would argue the best way to get blue hair, in addition to any hair color, is to go to a professional. But if you prefer the DIY method, there are more blue hair dye options than ever.

With that being said, you may be wondering how to find the best blue hair dye. There are a variety of shades of blue as well as a myriad of styles you can do with blue hair. But first, let’s focus on hair dye quality and best practices to know when finding blue hair dye.

Tips When Dyeing Your Hair Blue

Before we get into the advice on finding blue hair dye plus our recommendations, it’s best to know a few key tips before dyeing your hair blue. This way, you’ll know if blue hair is right for you.


Blue hair dye, as well as other unnatural colors, require a ton of maintenance. I also find that blue is the color that fades the quickest — and I had just about every hair color under the sun.

Most unnatural colors last a few weeks with proper maintenance, even as long as six weeks. In order to get the best results, only wash your hair a couple of times a week (ideally once a week) under cold water. Use color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Avoid heat styling products and the sun, too.

Unnatural Dyes Are Semi-Permanent

Why don’t unnatural dyes last as long as other hair dyes? That’s because most are semi-permanent. Semi-permanent dyes don’t penetrate the hair strands, which means they wash out rather easily. In addition, you can find temporary dyes, but these usually fade after one wash. Semi-permanent dyes usually last for 12 washes.

You May Have to Bleach Your Hair

Unless you want a blue tint, brunettes will have to bleach their hair before dyeing their hair blue. While you can do this DIY, I don’t recommend it because of the damage risks involved. With that being said…

There’s a Risk of Damaging Your Hair

Any type of hair dye can damage your hair, but especially unnatural colors. Bleaching will especially weaken your hair, making your tresses vulnerable to damage.

There are ways to reduce your risk of damage. Instead of bleaching your hair down multiple levels, bleach your hair gradually. Opt for a darker shade of blue and then lighten your hair over time. During this time, use a shampoo and condition that will repair your hair.

Find the Best Shade of Blue by Looking at Your Skin

One of the best aspects of blue hair dye is there are so many shades of blue. You’ll likely find a blue that suits your skin color and undertone.

There are three undertones: cool, warm, and neutral. Cool undertones have pink in the skin, warm undertones have yellow in the skin, and neutral has a combination of both cool and warm undertones.

Which shade of blue works for each undertone?

  • Cool: any type of icy blue will work. Pastel blue and rich blue will also look good. Even purple-blue will work great for you.
  • Warm: dark blue, such as cobalt
  • Neutral: any blue will work for you, but consider other factors such as your natural hair color and shades of blue that look good on you

In addition to your undertones, your overall skin color will also impact which blue you should use.

  • Fair: you can pull off light or dark. Ocean blue looks the best on fair skin, but teal also looks pretty on light skin colors.
  • Medium: dark blue, especially cobalt blue
  • Deep: deep navy, especially midnight blue. If you want a lighter color, opt for denim blue and chambray.

If you’re unsure which color to pick, opt for navy blue. This shade is universal and will look amazing on you, regardless of skin color and undertone.

Your First Dye Job May Not Look Good

Getting bright blue hair won’t happen overnight, especially if you’re transitioning from brown to neon teal. You may need to dye your hair a couple of times, as we mentioned previously, to get that bright and rich color that you want. This is why you should buy multiple blue dyes as well as different shades, just in case the blue dye you use doesn’t work.

How to Find the Best Blue Hair Dye

Shade of Blue

As stated previously, you should choose the shade of blue you want before dyeing your hair. You can use the guide we compiled previously or simply use your preferences to choose the best shade of blue. You can find blue hair dyes in various shades, such as:

  • Midnight blue
  • Cobalt
  • Electric blue
  • Dark blue
  • Navy blue
  • Teal
  • Ocean blue
  • Ice blue
  • Cloud blue


As stated previously, just about all unnatural dyes are semi-permanent, meaning they won’t last as long as permanent hair dyes.

But every semi-permanent dye has its own strengths. Some last as short as seven washes while others last for over 12 washes. We will recommend some long-lasting blue dyes here, but it’s recommended that you conduct your own research when finding long-lasting blue dyes.

Blue Hair Dyes We Love

Punky Color Blue Lagoon

Even though we mentioned that those with dark hair must use bleach first, there are some exceptions. Punky Lagoon is one of them. They make dyes so those with brown and red hair can achieve colored hair without bleach. The secret comes from its vivid shades in all colors, including blue.

The dye is formulated with keratin to strengthen hair. Keratin will also help make your hair feel soft and shiny. This dye is also made without sulfates, parabens, and other toxic ingredients. The formula is also completely vegan.

Keep in mind, this dye does have a fragrance. The scent is best described as grape, so it gives your hair a subtle sweet scent. In addition, this dye does stain, so be sure to wear black t-shirts when dyeing your hair and for a few days after using the dye.


  • Vivid color
  • Hair is shiny and feels soft afterward


  • This dye stains
  • Has a fragrance, which many people won’t like

Celeb Luxury Viral Colorwash in Blue

If the color intensity is what you’re looking for, then use Celeb Luxury Colorwash. Colorwash is unique because it’s a color depositing shampoo. That means it will preserve hair color with each wash.

To use the Colorwash, use the shampoo after coloring hair and every time you wash your hair after dyeing your hair. The Colorwash will hold the vibrancy of the color without fading. In addition to pigment, this shampoo gently cleanses hair while maintaining shine. The formula is completely vegan and won’t stain.

We recommend just using the traditional blue color, though they offer multiple color options.


  • Increases color vibrancy
  • Vegan
  • Stai-free formula


  • The dye may not work on all hair types. For example, it won’t enhance your natural hair color, only dyed hair.

Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Indigo Blue

Adore’s formula is liquid as opposed to cream; however, the liquid formula is easy to apply and works quickly. The formula also doesn’t stain and doesn’t strip hair.

Adore offers several colors, but we recommend Indigo Blue. This color strips all brassiness from hair, giving your hair a pretty cool-toned indigo color. The color is very vibrant but also fades well.

Keep in mind, the dye does have a scent and it won’t work on all hair types. For example, other reviewers complained it doesn’t work on unprocessed hair and doesn’t cover grays. Because of the liquid formula, it’s not the best dye for thick hair.


  • Doesn’t stain
  • The liquid formula is easy to work with and dyes quicker than cream-based dyes
  • Eliminates brassiness for a cool-toned indigo


  • Not effective on unprocessed and thick hair, as well as anyone who needs to cover grays

Manic Panic in Blue Moon

Manic Panic is arguably the most famous name in unnatural color hair dye. They’re known for their extensive range of hair colors, and you’ll likely find the shade of blue that you’re looking for. Blue Moon is a navy blue that’s absolutely beautiful.

Not only that, but Manic Panic is very gentle on the hair. It’s also made with vegan ingredients. Manic Panic dyes are known for not only giving you bright colors but are also very affordable.

Keep in mind, that this dye is only pigment and it won’t lighten the hair. You’ll have to bleach your hair first in order to achieve an intense color payoff. There are also other dyes that are better quality than Manic Panic. There are a few other downsides, such as how the dye stains so badly — including on surfaces and fabrics.


  • Vegan formula
  • Very affordable


  • Stains badly

AGEbeautiful in 3B

This is a permanent hair dye that is more of a blue black hair color instead of a bright blue. I love this permanent color because it is one of the only ones that you do not have to pre lighten your hair to get a dark blue hair color. This color is actually meant to cover greys, so it has a slightly higher ammonia content, which makes it do a much better job of lifting the natural hair color and making it look like a more vibrant hair color than standard permanent color can. 

Since this color is not sem-permanent, it does need to be mixed with a developer to work and you have to buy that separately. I recommend using a 20 or 30-volume developer with this color to make it as bright as possible. Even though this color is meant for grey coverage, it still works extremely well on hair that has not started greying yet and can actually make your hair look shinier than before. 


  • Permanent hair color.
  • Does not need to be bleached to make your hair blue.
  • Covers grey hair as well.
  • Has biotin in the formula and makes your hair really shiny.


  • Needs to be mixed with a 20 or 30-volume developer


Question: Do You Really Have to Bleach Your Hair?

Answer: If you want vibrant hair, it’s recommended. But if you just want a tint, bleach isn’t necessary. Some hair dyes, such as the Punky Color dye, make bleach-free unnatural colors for those with dark hair.

Question: I Have Dark Hair and Want Vibrant Blue. How Light Do I Need to Bleach My Hair?

Answer: Ideally, your hair should be stripped of all color. But that causes intense damage. Instead, take a look at the specific shade you want and see how light your hair should be.

If you want a vibrant yet dark shade of blue, try bleaching it to a 7. Your hair will turn a copper-blonde color. If you want an icy cool-toned blue, bleach your hair to a level 9 or 10. Your hair will look extremely light, almost white.

Question: Which Shade of Blue Is the Perfect Shade?

Answer: This depends on preference and which shade of blue works for you. However, lighter blue colors tend to be the most coveted. Frosty/icy blue and blue pastel are a couple of the most popular shades.

Question: Is There a Blue Dye That Doesn’t Bleed or Stain?

Answer: Out of all of the dyes on this list, the Adore colors is the one that won’t bleed or stain.

Question: What If I Accidentally Leave the Dye in for Too Long?

Answer: If you leave the dye in for too long, the color will turn darker. If you want a bright shade of blue, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Question: How Do You Get Rid of Blue Hair Dye?

Answer: Did you dye your hair blue and don’t like it? The best way to get rid of blue hair dye is to dye over it. Choose a dark brown to remove the color quickly. You can also shampoo it daily with a clarifying shampoo or dishwashing liquid, use a color remover, and spend time in the sun or pool.


Blue hair is a serious trend, but you’ll have the best results when you know how to find the right hair dye. Follow our advice and try some of our dye recommendations.

This article was updated on 08/08/2022 by the Hair Kempt editorial team. Our goal at Hair Kempt is to provide the most up-to-date relevant hair information, ideas, and inspiration. We updated some of our blue hair dye selections to give you better hair care information.

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