How to Find the Best Garlic Shampoo

No doubt, garlic shampoos are just amazing. They’ve been in the spotlight in home-based hair care ever since the first person learned that they could help prevent hair loss. But just because a shampoo has a single good ingredient listed doesn’t mean that it’s the perfect buy for you. 

Not every garlic shampoo on the aisle is worth your money. And today, we’re giving you pointers on knowing that out. Sit tight, because we’ve researched and rounded up the steps you need to follow to pick the perfect garlic shampoo for yourself.

We’ve also answered some of your most frequent questions about the product. And if that’s not enough for you, don’t worry. We’ve also gotten some of our top picks for each hair type to narrow down the search for you! 

Deciding Whether Garlic Shampoos Are for You or Not

Thanks to their incredible natural properties, a garlic shampoo would definitely prove to be a rather hefty hair-care purchase for you. So to save the wasted time and cash, figure out whether the shampoo really is for you by familiarizing yourself with the main properties of garlic, i.e., how it’ll impact your hair. 

If you’re even remotely invested in finding better shampoos, you’d know about the many factors that come into play while selecting the perfect shampoo for your hair.

So if you’ve been thinking about giving garlic shampoo a try, you’d be better off doing some research before picking up the first garlic shampoo that you can lay your hands on in the aisle. 

Garlic Shampoo Helps Prevent Hair Loss and Nourishes Your Scalp

Because of their garlic content, you can use garlic shampoos to prevent hair loss. And in other cases, it could even help nourish your other growing hairs through the scalp. They do this by stimulating the dormant follicles on your scalp with a bunch of nutrients that help make your hair grow stronger.

Garlic shampoo is rich in pyridoxine and citric acid. Pyridoxine is a vitamer molecule for vitamin B6. This means that pyridoxine is a form of the B6 vitamin. This vitamin helps the hair grow stronger by helping it form the protein melatonin which gives your hair and skin their respective colors.

Basically, the more melatonin there is, the darker your hair and skin will be. It also shields your body from harmful solar radiation, keeping you safe from sunburns and effectively makes your hair stronger.

On the other hand, citric acid helps you get rid of dandruff. It does this by strengthening the follicles on your scalp which excrete oil and sweat.

In a way, it keeps it from using too much oil which usually builds up to form scalp flakes or dandruff. Thanks to this, it also helps you against scalp itchiness which also ends up making you lose more hair than you would probably like to.

In a way, garlic shampoo helps you grow healthier hair. But just so you know, garlic is also a natural antibiotic. While it’s not as strong as medical-grade antibiotics, it can help you keep your hair safe from various kinds of bacterial infections. If you have seborrheic dermatitis, then garlic shampoo may help a lot.

When Is Garlic Shampoo NOT the Right Product for You?


Now that we know about garlic shampoo’s incredible power, let’s talk about why it might not be the best for you.

Mainly, the biggest problem with these kinds of shampoos is that they will always contain sulfites. Garlic, whether its natural form or in most genetically modified ones, produces a lot of different kinds of sulfites.

So even if the shampoo solution does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, the lathering compound in soap and shampoo, it will still contain some form of sulfites. You just can’t avoid it there.

So if you commonly avoid sulfite-containing shampoos and soaps for health reasons, then garlic shampoo is definitely not for you. You should also avoid garlic shampoo if you are allergic to garlic and other members of the allium family.

This can include shallots, onions, leeks, and chives. Unless you are really 100% sure you do not have any allergies to these, then you are better off avoiding garlic shampoos.

Other than that, garlic shampoo works just as well as any other shampoo would. You also won’t have to worry that much about the smell. Most garlic shampoo products are scented, after all.

They also lather with those little bubbles like in regular shampoos. But best of all, they also clean your hair. You can’t just call them shampoos if they can’t remove dirt and oils, right?

Some Issues You Might Face While Buying Garlic Shampoo

While garlic shampoo helps out a lot, there is just a pair of really important problems that you might have to face. These are availability and price.

Basically, garlic shampoo is a specialized shampoo product. You can’t just go to the general store and look for garlic shampoo when there’s none. Do that and you might even get weird looks if you go around asking for one.

Your best bet while looking for garlic shampoo offline would be the salons. If you ask them for an organic shampoo, there’s a big chance that they may sell you a parlor-brand garlic shampoo. In some places, you could even specifically ask for garlic shampoo.

On the other hand, you may want to get these online. After all, most salons would rather stock up and push their own shampoo solutions to their customers than have a novel shampoo brand just in case someone asks for it. That’s a lot more practical for salon owners.

However, its price can also raise quite a bit just because it’s a specialized shampoo. As with all other organic products, you will have to pay a premium compared to regular shampoo.

But if you can, it would be best if you could pay for a subscription service so you could save more with discounts and shipping. It’s basically the same with other specialized products. Just buy a bit more so you could save just as much.

Shipping and travel-wise, you won’t have problems with these. Garlic shampoos are generally marketed as organic products. Most of them do not even contain sodium-lauryl sulfate and parabens which are banned in many countries. You just have to check the label before you buy it.

Recommended Hair Types

As a shampoo that both cleanses and enriches the hair, garlic shampoo is better for people with a certain kind of hair type. Most people who experience plenty of hair itchiness can find relief with garlic shampoos. It works best for those with dry and brittle hair which needs to be reinforced with extra nutrients.

On the other hand, you might find that after using garlic shampoos for a while, your hair might look like it has gone limp. It no longer looks bouncy. When this happens, fret not. It’s quite normal. But you may have to lay low on shampoo products for a while.

Better yet, make a schedule for shampooing your hair. Any shampoo will make hair go limp when used too often. It’s just that you have over-moisturized your hair and that it needs a bit of rest. Some conditioners could help you get that bounce again if that’s what you like.

While limp hair is normal, excessively over-moisturized hair and scalp also can lead to a condition called hygral fatigue. This happens when the follicles repeatedly swell and contract.

While the swelling and contracting part is a normal function of the follicles, doing it too much could, in a way, tire them out. Hygral fatigue eventually leads to poor hair growth because your body would then be too busy fixing the follicles instead of growing new hair.

If, however, you start to get limp hair after this, please remember that this is not the sign that you should stop using it. This just means that you have been using it too much.

For the best results, you should shampoo less often. This advice also works for those who use regular shampoo because this also strips the hair of its vital oils that keep it moisturized and protected from dust across the day.

Our Top Garlic Shampoo Recommendations

Best For Hair Loss: Garlic & Capixyl Shampoo by Farmasi

Garlic & Capixyl Shampoo by Farmasi

With garlic shampoo, you’re sure to nourish your hair to make it grow better. But what if you added more stuff that helps? Enter Garlic & Capixyl Shampoo by Farmasi! This one combines the best of garlic and capixyl to make the best solution for mitigating hair loss and making your hair grow as strong and healthy as it possibly can.

Capixyl, in case you don’t know, is a trademarked mixture made by Lucas Meyer Cosmetics. While the makings of this wonder chemical is a trade secret, that doesn’t stop people from making shampoos enhanced with Capixyl.

In a way, this shampoo by Farmasi combines the best of both organic and inorganic worlds for the ultimate hair loss protection shampoo.


  • Contains capixyl (a chemical blend that helps against hair loss.)
  • Does not smell like garlic


  • Can be drying
  • Doesn’t help with split ends

Feels Like Regular Shampoo: Garlic Shampoo by Vatika

Garlic Shampoo by Vatika

If you want to try garlic shampoo but love the soapy bubbles on your head, then why not use this Garlic Shampoo made by Vatika? Unlike other organic shampoos, this one is made to lather. And this one does that a lot.

This shampoo uses sodium laureth sulfate to make the bubbly lather that tells you that it’s working. It also comes in a travel-friendly bottle that’s meant to be kept in a bag. This one won’t spill, that’s for sure!


  • Travel-friendly bottle
  • Lathers a lot


  • Contains sodium laureth sulfate, so can be drying
  • Not suitable for all hair types

The Natural Shampoo For Naturalists: Unscented Garlic Shampoo by Nutrine

Unscented Garlic Shampoo by Nutrine

Now the problem with most of these products is that they use some kind of environmentally harmful substance to make lather. This Unscented Garlic Shampoo by Nutrine is different.

It uses ammonium lauryl sulfate, which is much safer than the alternatives. It also contains no parabens, making it much safer for you and for the environment.

And unlike the other products, this one is unscented. You will not smell anything out of this, not even the garlic extract. In a way, this shampoo is one that gets things done as practical and environmentally safe as possible.


  • Has no garlic smell
  • Contains no parabens
  • Contains no sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Fun pink color
  • Contains ammonium lauryl sulfate


  • Not a rich lather
  • Color can be off-putting
  • Strong “chemical” scent

Dry Hair Healer: Garlic Extract Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair by Nora Ross

Garlic Extract Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair by Nora Ross

While garlic shampoo is great for moisturizing a dry scalp, this Garlic Extract Shampoo by Nora Ross is the best among the best garlic shampoos for the job. It’s marketed toward users who have heavy flaking and itching on the scalp. If you have dandruff, eczema, or psoriasis, then this one is probably for you.

Furthermore, this shampoo also acts a bit like a conditioner. Besides moisturizing the scalp, it also softens the hair.


  • Helps with itchiness
  • Meant for the driest scalp and hair out there
  • Pleasant scent


  • Can be drying if used daily
  • Sodium lauryl sulfates can be harsh

The 2-in-1 Choice: Garlic 2-in-1 Shampoo And Conditioner by La Fresh

Garlic 2-in-1 Shampoo And Conditioner by La Fresh

If you need the kind of shampoo that really doubles as a conditioner, then you better prefer this Garlic 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner by La Fresh. It comes in 1L bottles and is best for those who have thin and weak hair.

A word of caution, however. This one can be quite hard to find. You will have to order this one online if you want to try using it.


  • Doubles as a conditioner
  • No strong odor
  • Cleanses hair well


  • Quite hard to obtain
  • Not the most moisturizing

How to Find the Best Garlic Shampoo FAQs

Question: What does garlic do for the hair?

Answer: In addition to promoting hair growth and strengthening your hair, the sulfur compounds in garlic help us fight different infections and fungi, such as those that cause dandruff.
Garlic has essential nutrients that stimulate blood circulation to the hair follicles. In this way, they increase their nutrition and oxygenation. As you can see, there are a lot of pros to using these kinds of shampoos.

Question: Is garlic shampoo good for natural hair?

Answer: Besides the already mentioned properties, garlic helps your hair to be shinier and healthier. Particularly when coloring or bleaching has damaged your hair. So, short answer: yes, it is!

Question: Can I put garlic in my shampoo?

Answer: Yes. However, some brands already have garlic in their formula, as garlic shampoos. This feature makes it easier for you to apply these treatments since not everyone is willing to put raw garlic inside their shampoo bottle.

Question: Does garlic help bald spots?

Answer: Yes. There have been several studies regarding this. These studies examined alopecia patients (i. e people with hair loss) and found that applying garlic gel helps hair growth. Another success for garlic shampoo!

Question: Is onion or garlic better for hair growth?

Answer: We can’t tell you which one is better, but both have good properties for your hair. Onion has sulfur, which helps blood circulation and prevents hair loss. The sulfur also stimulates collagen production, which at the same time helps hair growth. Onion properties also regulate excess oil and dandruff, and its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce inflammation of the scalp. 

Question: Can I apply raw garlic to my hair?

Answer: Of course you can! But as stated before, there are lots of garlic shampoos that make this simple for you. Applying raw garlic may be difficult since you’ll have to squeeze it or even blend it before using it in your hair or putting it in your shampoo bottle.

Question: Is garlic harmful to my scalp?

Answer: On the contrary! Garlic prevents damage to your scalp; its anti-microbial characteristics kill bacteria that can cause harm to your scalp and your hair.

Question: Is garlic good for dandruff?

Answer: Absolutely! It’s an effective way to get rid of dandruff, and best of all: it’s an all-natural way to do it! You can apply it directly to your scalp. And if you’re willing to, you can even drink garlic juice or eat it raw. Both ideas are good.

Final Thoughts

We have shown everything you need to know about garlic shampoo. So now, let us show you a little bit of advice. Of course, you don’t have to follow it strictly. You just have to make sure that you exercise some mindfulness in everything you do.

Shampoos — whether they’re organic, synthetic, garlic, or any other kind — should all be used in moderation. Sure, you can use garlic shampoos more often because they moisturize your hair. But apart from that, you should also be aware that shampoos tend to strip your hair of its natural oils.

A side effect of using too much shampoo is usually an oily scalp. This is because the body tends to notice that it doesn’t have much oil on the scalp area and will do its best to produce more to make what it thinks is enough. This leads to oil overproduction.

If we were to pick one garlic shampoo among all the ones listed here, we would have to choose the Nutrine one. It’s one of the most popular garlic shampoos out there. It doesn’t have parabens, which makes it safer. It doesn’t have any scent, so you don’t have to worry about your hair smelling weird.

It also is enhanced with Vitamin B, Aloe Vera, and Panthenol B. Also, if you care about the environment, this shampoo is the perfect choice for you. All of this makes the Garlic Shampoo by Nutrine one of the best garlic shampoos out in the market.

Now that you know that, you should be good to go! If you want to know what works best for you, then you need to experiment. Find what’s best. And if it turns out that garlic shampoo works best for you, then that’s great. If not, then you should read more about which shampoo is best for your unique hair type, so you could find the right one.

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