5 Best Non Binary Haircut Ideas: Which Hairstyle Is Perfect For You?

Ever found yourself eyeing androgynous looks? We don’t blame you, because EVERYONE can confess falling for these bold yet chic new looks that have been sweeping people off their feet. There’s just something so alluring about the way someone’s appearance can be so soft, yet so masculine at the very same time, and there’s no better way to pull off that bold new look than to rock a non-binary hairstyle itself! 

While non-binary hairstyles have been around for quite some time, we think that it’s the recent celebs who have really brought these surreal and beautiful looks to the spotlight. Be it, Miley Cyrus, with her now-iconic undercut, or K-Pop sensations Felix from Stray Kids and Yeonjun from TXT blazing the trails with mullets, everyone’s all about breaking stereotypes and wearing the hairstyles that they want.  

If you’ve been thinking about going androgynous, now’s the perfect time to give it a shot! Anyone who wants a chic yet edgy look that’s also insanely easy to maintain would find non-binary looks to be a total goldmine. There are so many non-binary haircut options available out there that it’s easy to lose count and lose ourselves within a catalog. To make things easier for you, we’d like to rank some of our favorite non-binary haircuts that we think are perfect for anyone and everyone to try!  

A Brief Disclaimer Before We Begin

At the end of the day, non-binary representation is all about expressing who we are visually, even if it means breaking barriers and not conforming to societal standards. It means picking a haircut that you think is best for you, regardless of its popular/widely recognized gender affinity. 

Every haircut is a non-binary haircut in its own right. If you love a hairstyle, you shouldn’t have to think about what the world thinks of you wearing it. All that matters is whether the hairstyle makes YOU feel beautiful. 

This list is a combination of haircuts that are popularly known for suiting and molding themselves with every gender. They’ve widely been worn and loved by people of all genders, and have truly set themselves apart as hairstyles that suit a diverse majority of people. If you want to play it safe before experimenting, these hairstyles can guarantee a stylish look that will help you not feel too out of it.

hair cut

Once you recognize your style and feel comfortable enough, experimenting becomes a lot easier and you can branch out to more unconventional and bold looks! 

Evaluation Criteria 

The hairstyles that we’ve included today have been ranked purely based on our own beliefs and preferences. While sorting through our options, what we were essentially looking for was:

  • Customizability. Is the hairstyle flexible enough for you to add your own flair to it?
  • Compatibility With Different Face Shapes. We’re sure that our audience is a diverse bunch, so we preferred hairstyles that suit a variety of face shapes over those that are only designed for a certain type.
  • Ease of Maintenance. We’d all love a hairstyle that we won’t have to spend an hour on every morning just to make it look presentable. We made sure that our picks won’t lead to hair disasters on a lousy Monday morning.
  • Overall Look. While considering all of these factors, let’s not forget that the hairstyle has to look great too! We ranked the hairstyles based on all the above factors + which hairstyles looked the most aesthetically pleasing to us.

And now, without further ado, let’s actually get to the list! 

The Undercut 

Oh, the undercut. Do we really have to say much about it? Perhaps the most common and popular non-binary hairstyle out there, the undercut has made its way onto our list for just how much of a great and iconic hairstyle it is.


The undercut refers to the hairstyle where the top part of the hair is left long and the lower areas are cut to a visibly shorter length. If you think that’s a little vague, you’re not wrong, because there’s an endless list of things you could do with an undercut. 

From dyeing your hair to creating patterned undercuts, or even playing around with bangs and adjusting the length of hair you leave on top and twisting it into waves and curls. Gel it and make it stand, or flatten it out and create a slick, manly yet chic look.

With celebrities like Katy Perry, Adam Levine, Justin Bieber, and of course, Miley Cyrus donning this hairstyle, it has sure got a rich legacy and has had a massive cultural impact whose marks haven’t been erased to this date. 

And the best part? The undercut suits all face shapes, depending on how you choose to style it! Round faces are perfect for the classic undercut, but you could always have a chat with the hairdresser to customize the style so that it suits you. Let’s also not forget how easy these are to maintain – short hair seriously is a blessing! All the benefits rolled into one, that’s exactly what the undercut is! 


  • With less hair on your head, functionality and isn’t an issue! 
  • Ultra-customizable to suit your tastes.
  • Great for all face shapes, but ideal for round faces.


  • Because the shorter hair will grow out pretty fast, expect your trips to the barbers to get more frequent if you want your hair to keep looking the way you want it to. TL;DR A high-maintenance cut. 

Our Scores

Customizability: 10/10

Compatibility With Different Face Shapes: 9/10 (It mostly depends on how you choose to style it, though.)

Ease Of Maintenance: 3/10 

Overall Look: 9/10

The Bob

The bob is the classic symbol of the cultured side of society, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go crazy with it! A bob is pretty rigid when it comes to the overall silhouette though. Short lengthed hair that usually ends at the jaw or even higher, typically with bangs. 


Don’t let that definition fool you, though. With all the options of going straight or curly, or perhaps going for the soft curls that some of the most popular bobs out there follow, you’ve already got several pictures to paint out of this hairstyle. 

One good thing about bobs is that you can make them go well with any face shape. More often than not, a slight adjustment to the length of the bob it takes is all that it takes for the cut to suit you. A conversation with your stylist is all you need to find out the perfect length for you.

There’s also a plethora of differently styled bangs for you to choose from, be it a sweet pair of curtains or the iconic moon bangs, and that adds another point for customizability. Sure, it isn’t as customizable as the other candidates on this list, but there sure is room for you to not feel restrained! 


  • Short and easy to maintain – there’s no need to wrestle with a comb every morning or mess around with gel or hairspray. 
  • Look fashionable and ready for any occasion – bobs are always trendy or prim and proper, depending on what you want them to be. 
  • Super comfy!
  • Makes your hair look like it’s got more volume to it.


  • There’s not much you can do with it. Even your options for hair accessories are limited. Dyeing, curling, straightening, changing the bangs up a little… and that’s pretty much it.

Our Scores

Customizability: 3/10

Compatibility With Different Face Shapes: 7/10

Ease of Maintenance: 9.5/10

Overall Look: 10/10

The Pixie

The pixie goes on to be one of the most iconic and nearly perfect gender-neutral haircuts out there. A classic pixie can be distinguished by slightly shorter hair at the back and sides of the head and longer hair on top that creates short and soft bangs. Over the years, pixies really have picked up on the popularity race, and for all the right reasons. 

Much like the bob, pixies aren’t super customizable either. It’s literally just the bangs and your hair’s type and color that you’ll be able to change up a little to create some different looks for yourself. You don’t have a whole bunch of accessories to try out either. While they aren’t as high maintenance as undercuts, you’d probably have to visit your hairstylist every few months to get a trim. 

Pixie Cuts

Another thing to keep in mind about pixies is that more often than not, they aren’t ideal for oval faces. You’d have to make a lot of subtle changes to your bangs and the pixie’s length if you want to make it work on an oval face shape. Emma Watson’s hair is a great example of a pixie for an oval face. 

Don’t frown, though! Looking at the brighter side of things, pixies are indeed one of the most comfortable hairstyles out there. They’re also super trendy lately, so having a classic pixie silhouette ain’t all that bad! 


  • It gives you a messy and bold, yet mature and prim look. 
  • It’s super easy and functional – washing and styling it will feel like a short breeze!


  • Require more maintenance than some other looks. 
  • Not perfect for oval faces. 
  • Very few styling options. 
  • If you ever choose to grow your hair out, it’ll take you a while to get your hair to a length where you can cut it straight. Until then, you’ll have to walk around with uneven, messy hair.

Our Scores

Customizability: 3/10

Compatibility With Different Face Shapes: 7/10

Ease of Maintenance: 5/10

Overall Look: 9/10

The Pompadour 

The Pompadour 

If there’s a hairstyle that screams bougie, it’s probably the pompadour. There’s very little to not love about this stylish, over-the-top yet classy hairstyle. A pompadour is distinguished by the neatly gelled tufts of hair rolled back to give off the appearance of a mound of hair in front of the head. 

While older pompadours were all about that slick gelled appearance, recent pompadour variations offer a more messy and casual look. Pompadours are also a playground for hairstylists because there’s just so much you could do with them. 

You could create a variation of the undercut and customize it whilst still keeping the classic pompadour tufts on top, or opt for a fuller look by making multiple tufts fade across your head. You could even customize the length and style of your tufts, which means that the possibilities with this hairstyle are endless.


  • A fairly fancy hairstyle that’s designed to make you stand out.
  • Perfect for Friday night, whether you intend to spend it in the club or a formal charity ball.


  • With pompadours, maintenance is a pain. If you opt for a pompadour fade, your visits to the stylist will only have to increase by large for regular trims. 
  • You’ll have to dedicate time to make your look work every morning. 
  • You’ll have to constantly use gel/setting spray on your hair, so besides the general inconvenience, your hair will also be prone to a lot of damage. You should try heading out to the hair spa as often as you can, and wash and condition your hair with natural, mild products frequently. 

Our Scores

Customizability: 7/10

Compatibility With Different Face Shapes: 6/10

Ease of Maintenance: 1/10

Overall Look: 9/10

The Mullet

The Mullet

One of our more controversial additions to this list, but trust us when we say that mullets can be ultra-attractive. That is if they are done right. Most mullets are called names because the hairstylist just didn’t do a very good job on them – it isn’t because the hairstyle is trash.

Mullets are generally known for their signature “short front-long back” look, wherein the hair in front is fairly short, with or without bangs. The back of the hair is kept much longer than the front, and its length can range from shoulder to mid-waist, or even longer depending on what you’re into. Mullets recently picked up some traction after Billy Eilish started sporting one. 

When we say that mullets are the epitome of youthful punk-rock aesthetics and boyishness, it’s an understatement. Mullets are also incredibly customizable, but not all of them are guaranteed to look great. If you’re thinking of trying the mullet, try taking a look at how others have worn it to get an idea of what you want your style to look like. 


  • Comfy and functional! The mullet won’t get all over you while you eat or when the weather’s windy but will keep your neck snug all day. 
  • Low-maintenance if your look has shorter bangs.
  • Allows you to sport different accessories.
  • Androgynous at its best! Mullets are a combination of long and short hair – the very thing that most androgynous enthusiasts want.


  • A mullet may not work every time. Your stylist will have to be a precise visionary to not mess the look-up. 
  • Not much to do with it besides changing the hair’s length and trying out different bangs.

Our Scores

Customizability: 5/10

Compatibility With Different Face Shapes: 2/10

Ease of Maintenance: 7/10

Overall Look (If done right, that is): 9/10

Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Binary Hairstyles

Question: What is a gender-neutral haircut?

Answer: A gender-neutral haircut is a haircut that’s suitable for all genders. This term is given to those haircuts that have an androgynous look to them, i.e. they are neither overtly feminine nor masculine. It suits both males and females depending on how they wear it.

Question: What androgynous haircut should I get?

Answer: There are many androgynous haircuts out there. Most of them are variations of the following hairstyles:
1. The Bob Cut
2. The Undercut 
3. The Mullet
4. The Pompadour 
5. The Dreadlocks 
6. The Pixie Cut 

Question: Can you have a non-binary hairstyle with long hair?

Answer: Of course you can! Making a hairstyle androgynous depends upon how it is styled. Long hair can be incorporated in hairstyles such as undercuts, bobs, and buns.


There’s a whole lot of unexplored territory when it comes to non-binary haircuts. They’re all about being edgy and different, so you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment! From our list today, though, we’d say that undercuts and pixies are the perfect casual non-binary haircuts that can also be customized for fancy occasions, making them the ideal choice for someone looking for a comfy and cool look. 

We’ve got a personal affinity towards mullets, so we’d recommend them to anyone who wishes to pull off a punk aesthetic, and since they can be styled to suit formal occasions, there’s really not much of a risk there. The truly safe and “classic” haircut is the bob, so if you just want a neat hairstyle that doesn’t need much work and yet pulls off the androgynous aesthetic, look no further than that. 

Don’t forget that there’s a whole world of hairstyles out there! If you don’t think that anything on this list is to your liking, there’s a whole virtual catalog of non-binary hairstyles to browse through, and we’re sure that your one perfect hairstyle is in there. To make things a little easier, feel free to pay your hairstylist a visit and talk to them about your new hair goals and ideas. An expert’s custom opinion should do the trick for you! 

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