How To Find The Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Do you have short hair and prefer the way you look with long hair? If so, you’re probably wondering why your hair isn’t growing faster. The American Academy of Dermatology says that hair grows a half-inch per month. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can always get hair extensions. But what hair extensions should you get? And how do you choose hair extensions for short hair?

We will answer these questions and more!

Different Types of Hair Extension

Before we recommend hair extensions, let’s cover the most common types of extensions. This way, you can easily know the different application methods.


Clip-in hair extensions are one of the most popular and versatile options.

You can find just about any type of hair extension in varying levels of length and thickness. Clip-in extensions are great if you want a quick option to add length and volume, but don’t want your extensions to be a permanent option. Instead, you can take them in and out whenever you want, such as for a special occasion.

To attach the extensions, simply clip them in. The hair is separated into bunches and they hold together with clips. Try and clip them as close to the scalp as possible and under your hair so they look more natural.


If you want a permanent option, you have a few options. Tape hair extensions are becoming one of the most common options. They’re long-lasting and are gentler on your scalp than some of the other extension options mentioned here. Since they’re attached with tape and adhesive, they can easily be hidden. This is ideal for very short hair and anyone who has fine hair.

Keep in mind, a professional usually inserts these extensions. They take the pre-taped side and either tape or glue them to each side of your hair. The stylist will also need to remove them with glue remover. From here, your stylist can reinstall new extensions or you can keep your natural length. Good quality extensions can also be re-taped.

With proper upkeep, these extensions last as long as eight weeks. You’ll need to use a special shampoo to ensure your hair products don’t degrade the glue.


Fusion hair extensions are similar to taped ones. The stylist uses adhesive to attach the extensions to your hair, usually with glue.
However, the glue can be very damaging to your hair. The chemicals in the glue can cause breakage, hair loss, and scalp irritation. The process also takes hours to complete. On the plus side, these extensions do stay in for a long time — about three or four months on average.


Sew-in extensions (also called a weave) are exactly what they sound like. The stylist will cornrow your hair and then will sew the extensions into the cornrow. Because of this method, it’s recommended you choose sew-in extensions if your hair is already thick.

This option has its pros and cons. They can last as long as four months (though they usually only last eight weeks). You can also choose individual bunches or one large hairpiece/wig. But the process of sewing them in takes a long time, up to several hours. It’s also common for the weave to feel uncomfortable since it’s pulling on the scalp.

It’s best you keep the scalp moisturized with a deep conditioner when you have a weave in. You’ll also want to use a special shampoo.


These extensions are a little complex, so I’ll try and word this as simply as I can. The strands of hair are bunched together and held in place with a weft. The weft is attached to a bead which you attach to your hair. The stylist uses a tool to secure the bead into your hair.
There are many benefits of using this method. First, the beads and even the tool don’t damage your hair. They can also last as long as four months.
Even though these extensions don’t damage your hair, you’ll get the best results from a professional. Professional hair stylists are properly trained to insert the extensions. Let’s say the person inserting your extensions attaches your hair to the bead too tightly. When it’s time to remove the extensions, your hair may get ripped out!
It’s also important to note that the process can take as long as four hours.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing Hair Extensions

There are more considerations for hair extensions than type. Pay attention to these factors when buying hair extensions.

Your Hair Length

Hair Length

Not everyone with short hair can pull off hair extensions, and it all depends on your hair length. Your hair should be at least three inches long, ideally five inches. In other words, if you have a pixie cut, your hair isn’t long enough for extensions.

Why should your hair be a specific length? This ensures your hair is long and thick enough to conceal the extensions.

Color and Texture of the Extensions

The golden rule of hair extensions is to look for ones that match the natural color of your hair.

But a popular style is to get extensions a different color so you don’t have to dye your hair. However, the texture should match your natural hairstyle or the style you’re achieving for your hair. For example, if you have curly hair or you’re curling your hair for a specific event, wear curly hair extensions.


Everyone has different hair length preferences. For the most natural look, stay within four inches of your natural hair length. For example, if your hair is five inches long, then your hair will be nine inches with extensions, which is right above chin length.

However, you can do what you want. If you want super-long extensions, then go for it. The four-inch rule is just a general recommendation.

Real or Artificial Hair

There are hair extensions available in both real and artificial options. Which one should you choose? Real hair extensions is best for thin hair. Real hair is naturally thicker and will give your hair extra body. Natural human hair also looks more natural than artificial hair.

But there are reasons to choose synthetic hair, even if your hair is on the shorter side. Synthetic hair is easier to care for and is generally more affordable. However, synthetic hair is the best option for clip-in extensions. That’s because synthetic hair doesn’t last as long as doesn’t take well to washing and styling.


Price of hair extensions

Last but not least, set yourself a budget. Extensions can get expensive, especially if you go to a professional. But the type you choose depends on how much you’re willing to spend. If you want to get professional, high-quality, and more permanent extensions, expect to spend at least a couple of hundred dollars. But you can find clip-ins way cheaper, usually for under $100.

Best Extensions for Short Hair

Are you ready to find your hair extensions? Here are our recommendations.

Moresoo Clip-In Hair Extensions

Moresoo Clip-In Hair Extensions

These extensions are of great quality and at a very affordable price. The product that’s linked now is only $61! These extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair. In case you didn’t know, Remy hair is the best quality real hair because the cuticles are still intact.

The clips are also easy to use. They won’t irritate your scalp and are invisible in your hair. The hair doesn’t shed, either. You have a great selection of colors, styles, and lengths.

Beauty Works Invisi Tape Hair Extensions

While these extensions are for professional use only, we recommend you talk to your stylist about getting the award-winning Beauty Works Invisi Tape Hair Extensions. They’re available in a wide variety of colors and are made with 100% Remy human hair.

They not only add length but volume. Plus, they look natural. While they are for professional use only, the unique construction of the extensions reduces the time you sit in the chair.

Hot Hair Curl Back Hair Extensions

Hot Hair Curl Back Hair Extensions

The Hot Hair extensions are ready-to-wear. The extensions are one-piece and attach behind the ear with clips. Since the extensions clip behind the ear, they’re easy to conceal. There are 14 color options and add both volume and length. The extensions have a natural soft curl, so it’s not recommended your hair be too straight or curly.

Full Shine Soft Hair Clip-In Human Hair Extensions

Full Shine Soft Hair Clip-In Human Hair Extensions

One of the best parts of these extensions is that they look very natural. The clips are small so they’re easy to conceal. The anti-tangle technology makes styling these extensions easy. The extensions also don’t loosen and shed. Maintaining them is also very easy. Simply wash them with a gentle shampoo, such as Baby Shampoo.

Like the other extensions here, they’re made of 100% Remy human hair. But what makes these extensions stand out is how affordable they are. I found some on sale for under $40! They’re available in a variety of colors and lengths.


Question: How Do You Blend in Your Hair Extensions?

Answer: YouTuber Milabu has great advice in this video, but I will try to sum up what she says as best as I can.
First, you have to match your extensions to your hair color and length. If they don’t match your hair color completely, see if you can dye them or wash them with color-altering hair products. For length, refer back to the four-inch rule we mentioned previously. If you can cut hair, feel free to cut and style them to fit your hair. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend this step.
The key to making your extensions look natural and blended is by attaching them at the root of your hair and attaching them in layers. You’ll want to tie your hair back for this step. For more volume and to hold the extensions better, tease your hair a little bit before adding the extensions.
While I always thought the longest clip should go at the bottom of your hair, it should actually go in the middle. This makes sense because they add more volume this way. Obviously, the shortest sets should go right in the crown of your hair and on the sides. If you have any loose hairs, pin them back. From here, you can style your hair (if you can).

Question: How Many Hair Extensions Do I Need?

Answer: The average set of clip-in extensions usually includes 10 pieces and that’s enough for most people. But if you’re getting extensions done professionally, you’ll need more. Every stylist has their own recommendations, but expect between 30-50. This depends on different factors, such as the method the stylist is using to apply the extensions.

Question: Which Extensions Last the Longest?

Answer: As you can see, most extensions (other than the clip-ins) last about the same amount of time. But which last the longest? The glued-in extensions last the longest, but they’re the most damaging. Always talk to your stylist about the best extensions for your needs.

Question: What Type of Extensions Do Celebrities Use?

Answer: Surprisingly, celebrities mainly use clip-in extensions! It makes sense when you think about it. They’re usually using them to look glammed up at events. And think about all of the different looks that the average celebrity has to pull off? The tape and weave extensions would last too long for their needs.

Question: What’s the Safest Type of Hair Extension?

Answer: There are two: clip-in and weaves.
Clip-in extension safety is obvious. All you’re doing is clipping them into the hair. Sure, you may pull out a couple of your hair strands when taking them out. Otherwise, they barely cause any damage.
But many people are shocked to discover the sew-in extensions are the other safest hair extension method. While braids are tough on the hair and the sew-in extensions can feel uncomfortable, the professional won’t use any damaging glue or tape during the process.

Question: Will Getting Hair Extensions Help My Hair Grow Longer?

Answer: Hair extensions won’t help your hair grow, but the right extensions also shouldn’t damage your hair. Be sure to ask a professional for their recommendation.


If you have short hair, you may want to make your hair look longer every day. Or you may want to have longer hair for an event.

If your hair is very short, you may not know which type of hair extension will work best for you. While there are different types, clip-ins are the most popular, versatile, and affordable. Either way, be sure to use our recommendations to find the best hair extensions for you.

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